Welcome to my photo page. Here you´ll find several photo galleries with my photos. I hope you like it. As you can see, my favorite subjects are flowers, mainly orchids, and insects.

There are also some landscapes and night photos, some takes of my born city, Calatayud, and of the Piedra´s Monastery. A oasis of waterfalls and coves near Calatayud

Photos are arranged in several Galleries, more or less organized by subjects. Clicking on the image a new page is loaded in this frame. Clicking in the title, a new browser window is opened.

All the photos are mine, and you can use it for not commercial use in the resolution they are presented here, giving credit to me. If you use it in the web, please include a link to my pages. For any other use, or if you want any photo in other resolution or size, please contact me.

If you prefer, you can do a Guided Tour trough all my photos.

I have other pages with Links to photo sites , technical data about my photos and a page about Pinhole photography (the last is only in Spanish, but in my links page you will find two complete pages about pinhole )


©Fernando Martínez