Well, here I am.

I was born in Calatayud (Zaragoza, Spain) in 1964, a good vintage this year. I lived there till 1975, when I moved to Valencia (Spain) to study, after that, a couple of years in Huesca (Spain) and back to Valencia, where I´ve been living from 1980 to 1999. Now I live in Montalbán, a small village in Teruel (Aragón, Spain)

My hobbies include computers, photography and cooking, and to read everything I can...

I used to hear many music, mainly Spanish pop from ´70,s and 80´,s (El Último de la Fila, Radio Futura, Nacha Pop, etc.)

I also used to go more to the countryside, (I was Boy Scout) and walked many places of Pyrenees, the most beautiful landscapes in Spain (IMHO)

My work, well, I´m Pharmacist and after several companies now I have a Pharmacy in Montalbán (Teruel, Spain)

If you have any comment, e-mail me.

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